Making Homes Cosy this Winter

Normally this is where we will be giving you tips on how to combat seasonal blues by creating a cosy home that can be your sanctuary during the darker, colder months. This year though, I think we’re more inclined to give you tips on combating the 2020 blues. It’s been a tough year and this festive season is going to be the complete opposite to what we are so accustomed to, and have probably taken for granted for as long as we can remember. 

It’s been a while since we’ve had anyone see the insides of our homes and so with the recent announcement that three households are allowed to meet for five days over Christmas, now is the time to go that extra mile in making your house a safe space for those you can finally invite through your door. You don’t have to spend a fortune either, it’s the small things that make a big difference

The magic of light 

The lighting you choose during the winter months can make such a huge difference. Make your home more snug with lamps instead of ceiling lights, or utilising the dimmer switch works just as well. Choose softer, warmer light bulbs or even include some warm-tone fairy lights to create a sense of calmness and cosiness, not just for winter, but all year round. You can never go wrong with candle-lit rooms either! 

Snug as a bug in a rug

However many big, fluffy blankets you have stored in your home, get them out! Cushions, throws, anything and everything – it’s snuggle season and you’ll be needing that quality cosy time with your Christmas bubbles this year. 

For smaller budgets, you can even layer up small rugs in smart places – like in the bedroom if you have floorboards – to create a sense of warmth under foot. 

Get the logs burning, grab yourself a mulled wine and make the most of the little bit of freedom we have all been granted. 

Scent from the heart 

Smells have a certain power about them; they can conjure up vivid memories and feelings as soon as you walk into a room. They also create a true sense of relaxation and sanctuary, a safe space. Choose wintery scented candles to ignite that reminder of home and the people you love. Provide your bubble with those feelings of comfort and familiarity as they walk through the door; hear them give a sigh of relief as they’re finally back where they should be, even if it is just for a limited amount of time. 


Who’d have thought “Party loungewear” would ever be a thing. High street shops have jumped on the trend recently to put a true 2020 spin on their comfy clothing lines. Treat yourself and your bubble to some comfortable outfits with a festive feel, perfect for the amount of time we’re spending at home at the moment. 

Imagine all this and more in a Peter Ward Home. 

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