Environmental Policy

All businesses today are conscious of their impact on the environment. At Peter Ward Homes we have had a corporate Environmental Policy covering green issues since 2002. To find out more and see the priority that we put on the environmental factors that relate to our industry and ourselves please read the summary below. If you need to find out more please contact one of our Sales Advisers or write to our Head Office.


Top priority is given to sympathetic landscaping, maintaining open space and natural features whenever possible. Modern day planning controls and regulations often force us to remove features we may otherwise have left.

Natural Vegetation

With any site development there may be disruption of habitat or destruction of some vegetation. At Peter Ward Homes, we try to keep the environmental and Wildlife status quo as much as possible. We work with local residents and naturalists whenever necessary.

Energy Conscious

During the construction of our homes we use as many energy saving devices and methods as possible. We also fit energy saving insulation as standard to all of our homes.


Whenever possible we use natural materials and timber from sustainable sources. If plastic are used, we attempt to source recycled or recyclable products. Our natural materials, brick, wood, stone etc come from reputable suppliers with good environmental records.


We now have a company policy that ensures we recycle or responsibly remove waste materials from our sites. We work closely with the Environment Agency to ensure we comply with all the latest regulations.


It is company policy that whenever we can we order and/or recycle waste products.


Whilst we do develop on new Greenfield sites, we also sensitively redevelop brownfield sites when they become available. When we develop a brownfield site, we ensure we deal with any site contamination in a responsible and legal manner.


Many of our Award winning developments have been undertaken in sensitive and historic locations. We pride ourselves on our ability to use design and craftsmanship so that our homes blend in with the location of our sites.