FreeSell Scheme

It’s very simple. FreeSell is exactly what it says. You sell your house for free.

We market your existing property and pay all the estate agents costs, so that you can buy your dream Peter Ward home.

You just need to take five basic steps:

  • Step 1: Choose your new Peter Ward home.
  • Step 2: Our sales representative will explain the details of FreeSell to you.
  • Step 3: We arrange for one or more estate agents to value your existing property and then we agree a realistic price with you. We also agree, in the event of a lower offer being accepted, we will make up the difference so you can still proceed.*
  • Step 4: You then reserve your property with a reservation fee** and we commence marketing your property.
  • Step 5: Once we find a buyer for you, we proceed to contract and you remain in your property until you take ownership of your new Peter Ward home*

* Terms and conditions apply. ** Different reservations fees apply. Ask for details. FreeSell, is available on selected plots only.

What do we do

Once you’ve been through steps 1 to 5 above:

  • We will guarantee to hold your chosen Peter Ward home for an initial period of 6 weeks whilst we market your existing property. This period can be extended.
  • When a buyer is found we pay all the estate agents costs and we can even recommend a cost effective, local solicitor, for you to use.

What do I do next

If you’ve already chosen a site and a property just talk to your Peter Ward Homes Sales Representative on site. If you haven’t chosen your new home yet, look through this website and/or visit one of our sites in East Yorkshire or Northern Lincolnshire.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the more common questions people ask about FreeSell

Q: What happens if a buyer cannot be found within the initial 6 weeks?
A: At the end of the 6 week period we discuss the possibility of an extension with you.

Q: What happens if I decide to cancel?
A: If you decide to cancel at the end of the initial 6 week period, your reservation fee will be returned to you and you will be under no further obligation. If you cancel within the 6 week period, your reservation fee would be kept by us, to cover our abortive costs.

Q: I have already had my property on the market for some time. How will you find a buyer within a 6 week period?
A: Our estate agents will market your property to a large number of potential buyers. Our agents, familiar with local market conditions, will value your property at a realistic price, that you agree to, to achieve a sale.