8 ways to reflect more light around your home

14th June 2024

Let’s face it, sunlight comes at a real premium if you’re living in the UK! Therefore, harnessing it and maximising it wherever possible seems like a great idea, especially in your home. Increasing the amount of natural light reflecting around your home is not only a key feature of creating an inviting, welcoming and airy […]

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10 great reasons to move to Beverley

Thinking about moving and wondering whether Beverley is the right town for you? Here we have 10 great reasons why we think it might be the perfect place to buy your first home, relocate to with your family, or downsize to… 1. The beautiful wide-open Beverley Westwood is right on your doorstep Beverley Westwood is […]

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What are the benefits of downsizing to a new-build home?

13th June 2024

People decide to downsize their homes for many reasons. Whether your kids have moved out or you want a change of lifestyle, moving into a smaller, more manageable property can be appealing to a wide range of people for many factors. As well as downsizing to a smaller property, downsizing to a newly-built property can […]

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Summer refresh: easy ways to brighten your home’s interior

5th June 2024

Summer is finally here and just as we’re spending more time outside enjoying the longer days, it makes sense that we want our homes to feel bright and airy inside too. So, if you’re looking for décor tips to brighten up your new home this summer, we’ve got some great ideas for you. From making […]

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5 ways to reduce plastic usage at home  

18th April 2024

Monday 22nd April is Earth Day – a day when the whole planet comes together to increase awareness about the ways that we can safeguard our planet and fight for a brighter future  This year, there is a real focus on reducing plastic manufacturing and consumption, with the Planet v Plastics campaign. It’s an initiative […]

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Embracing the Joys of Indoor/Outdoor Living 

12th April 2024

Let’s face it, it’s been a pretty tough, dark, soggy winter! So, the thought of opening up our doors and windows and enjoying some outdoorsy time seems very appealing right now!    Expanding our indoor/outdoor living spaces is a wonderful way to feel a greater connection with nature, which is not only good for our mental […]

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