5 ways to reduce plastic usage at home  

18th April 2024

Monday 22nd April is Earth Day – a day when the whole planet comes together to increase awareness about the ways that we can safeguard our planet and fight for a brighter future  This year, there is a real focus on reducing plastic manufacturing and consumption, with the Planet v Plastics campaign. It’s an initiative […]

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Embracing the Joys of Indoor/Outdoor Living 

12th April 2024

Let’s face it, it’s been a pretty tough, dark, soggy winter! So, the thought of opening up our doors and windows and enjoying some outdoorsy time seems very appealing right now!    Expanding our indoor/outdoor living spaces is a wonderful way to feel a greater connection with nature, which is not only good for our mental […]

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Interior colour trends for spring ’24 

20th March 2024

If you have just moved into your new home and want to turn your blank canvas into a personal space that reflects you, then this spring has some gorgeous colour trends to get you started. From soft neutrals to nature-inspired hues, decorating your new home will be pure joy this spring.  Pantone colour of the […]

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Spring cleaning hacks for a clutter-free home 

15th March 2024

It’s spring-cleaning time, and while some people might dread the thought of it, there will be plenty of you who are secretly excited. Cleaning has become something of a phenomenon recently, with scores of social media accounts detailing deep clean hacks and sublimely satisfying room makeovers.  Read on for our top ten spring cleaning hacks […]

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Delicious Pancake Recipes to make at home

12th February 2024

Today is Shrove Tuesday – the perfect day to whip up a stack of your favourite pancakes and practice your pan flipping technique!  If you are looking for some inspiration to help you create something new at home this Pancake Day, then check out our 3 delicious pancake recipes below, including sweet and savoury options. […]

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5 delicious plant-based recipes for Veganuary 

8th January 2024

After the busy month of December, January is a great time to hunker down in your new home and try out some delicious, healthy recipes.   Whether you are fully embracing Veganuary or just trying to get a little more variety into your diet, this is a great time to explore and enjoy delicious plant-based recipes.   […]

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