Category: Interior Inspiration

Interior colour trends for spring ’24 

If you have just moved into your new home and want to turn your blank canvas into a personal space that reflects you, then this spring has some gorgeous colour trends to get you started. From soft neutrals to nature-inspired hues, decorating your new home will be pure joy this spring.  Pantone colour of the […]

Creating a cosy Hygge atmosphere in your new home

Hygge is a Danish concept that emphasises wellbeing, contentment, and simplicity, hence why it’s a great fit for a modern new home.  Creating a Hygge vibe in your new home involves embracing a cosy, warm, and inviting atmosphere that encourages relaxation and comfort. It’s perfect for the winter season, when we spend more time indoors, […]

Prepare your new home for autumn 

The nights are drawing in, there are conkers on the ground, and pumpkin lattes are back on the menus. It’s time to get cosy. Preparing your house (and yourself) for autumn is an important step to helping you deal with the colder months ahead. The act of filling your freezer, putting the garden to bed, […]

How to create a nature-inspired living room 

Research continues to remind us that spending time in nature offers a wide range of physical, mental, and emotional benefits. From reduced tension, better sleep and enhanced creativity, nature encourages us to breathe deeper and forget the stresses of modern life. But, is there a way to bring all the benefits of nature inside your […]

How to create an optimum sleep environment in your new home

Creating an optimum sleep environment at home is essential for getting a good night’s rest and maintaining overall health and wellbeing. Therefore, we have put together 7 simple bedroom tips for creating the perfect sleep environment in your new home: Choose the right mattress and pillows A comfortable mattress and pillows are crucial for feeling […]