Prepare your new home for autumn 

The nights are drawing in, there are conkers on the ground, and pumpkin lattes are back on the menus. It’s time to get cosy. Preparing your house (and yourself) for autumn is an important step to helping you deal with the colder months ahead. The act of filling your freezer, putting the garden to bed, and finding ways to keep the cold out is both nurturing and luxurious. Plus, you can snuggle down under your duvet, safe in the knowledge that you have been very, very organised.

Here are a few of our top tips for a great autumn at home and some seasonal new build interior advice.


Let’s start with the garden. Some things need to be put away in autumn so that they can survive the winter. Head outside and take a look at your plants. Work out what needs bringing inside or cutting back, and what you could plant to give your green space a bit of interest through the coming weeks and months. We’re not expecting you to know everything, so let Google be your friend here. There are some winter salad crops that can be planted now which will give your seasonal cooking some freshness and mustardy zing. You could also get some bulbs in the ground – daffodils and tulips will brighten up your spring, but now is the time to plant them up. Hellebores will also give you some cheer come January.

Look after your furniture. If you have garden furniture it is often worth storing it, so that it doesn’t get damaged by frost. Wooden tables could be covered or moved into a garage, and any soft furnishings like cushion pads or parasols could be tidied away into large plastic boxes.

Sweep up. Falling leaves are an autumnal staple, and they certainly have a seasonal appeal while they are orange and crunchy. Soon though, they will turn soggy, slippery, and smelly, so taking the time now to sweep them up is well worth the effort. Take them to your local recycling centre or store them in a compost bin to make leaf mulch for your garden.

Air the house. While you may have had a lovely dust free summer of open windows and gentle breezes, it will soon be time to shut the house up for the autumn and winter. Take the opportunity to have a deep clean before you close everything. Shake out duvets, blankets, and cushions. Hoover away those cobwebs (because it’s spider season, if you haven’t already noticed) and rid your house of as much dust as possible.

Clean your cooker. Autumn is time for Sunday roasts and slow cooked stews, but you don’t want to be breathing in months’ worth of burnt oven crust every time you turn it on. Give your oven a deep clean and pop a liner in the bottom to help you keep it fresh over winter.


Lighting. Pretty lamps add a magic to this time of year and will help you to look forward to those darker evenings. Check that you have enough lamps, that the bulbs are working, and that you have some spare bulbs in the cupboard. Give the shades a dust too. 

Fragrance. Reed diffusers can add a sense of luxury to your home. The autumn spiced ranges featuring cinnamon, sandalwood, and clove will elevate all of the hygge / hibernation efforts that you should be reaching for at this time of year.

Snuggle up. Soft textures can elevate the decor in a new build home and add character and warmth. Go for a range of complementary materials like velvet, wool, and chunky knits. If you are into bright colours this is a great way to introduce them. Oranges and golds are the classic autumn colours, but we like deep blues and greens too.

Embrace nature. This time of year has plenty to offer in terms of natural colour and structure. Put together carefully, even the humble pinecone can add some serious style. Wreaths are a great way to make a statement, whether you hang one on your front door or on an interior wall. You could commission one from your local florist or have a go at making your own – orange leaves, pretty grasses and dried flowers will work together well. Pumpkins are beautiful too. Pile some up in your kitchen fruit bowl and enjoy how they look before cooking them into a delicious, spiced soup.

For more new-build interiors advice and for help to find your perfect new home (where you can hibernate during the cold months) browse our website or get in touch.