Diary of a House Mover (Part 2)

One day to go:

It’s feeling very real now. All the essentials are packed away safely so nothing is forgotten, and I called the removal company one more time to confirm tomorrow’s arrangement. Better safe than sorry.

I made a checklist of everything we needed to do before the end of the day, first of which was to defrost the fridge and freezer as well as cleaning the house from top to bottom. I don’t think the house has ever been this clean, but at least the new occupants will be moving into a nice place. 

I’ve made a note of any phone numbers we may need in an emergency tomorrow, and now all that remains is to do one final check of the house where we open all the cupboards and check the loft for forgotten items.

The big day:

It’s here. I’m so glad that we’ve been so meticulous throughout the house-moving process, the last thing I need today is more chaos.

This morning I read all the meters and disconnected the appliances we’re taking, ready for transporting, and I made sure to strip the bed linen and place it in a separate box so it’s easy to find when we get to the new house. I know that getting the beds made up will automatically make the place feel more homely.

We checked the house one final time, locked all the doors and windows, and now we’re ready to head to our new home. We’re meeting Jenny at our new house to get the keys – I can’t actually believe today is the day. 

The new home:

I can’t believe how much we love it here. From the first step inside I knew we’d made the right choice, and this will be the perfect place for our family to grow up.

We sent the kids to their new rooms to get their things organised, they were so excited at the prospect of setting up their new spaces.

The dog and the cat are also settling in nicely, we’ve placed them in a quiet room with familiar bedding and we’ll keep an eye on them for now to make sure they’re adjusting, but I think they’re really going to like it here. Especially with that big garden.

We’ve made the beds with the linen we kept separate and put away a few items, and I can’t believe we can finally relax.

We did it.