Home Inspiration | Interiors on a budget

Over the past few months, the amount of time we spend at home has increased massively. From life in lockdown to now working from home on a more permanent basis; we have been staring at the same four walls and doing the exact same commute with little change in scenery compared to the pre-covid norm. 

For most, this has probably meant you have stared at the walls for that long, that you don’t know why you ever picked that colour for the kitchen, or you really noticed that now outdated feature above the fireplace. Due to current circumstances, you might feel like you don’t have the budget to create the stunningly sophisticated looks that we boast in our Show Homes, but fear not! We have 5 simple but effective tips that will get you on your way to create our looks for less. 

Get rid of clutter

Decluttering creates the illusion of a larger space. With everything in its place, it feels more lavish and most importantly, more organised. It makes such a difference!

Update and upcycle small things to make a big impact

You’d be amazed how cheap you can get cupboard door handles for and this small update can feel so drastic, changing the way you look at that old bedside table you’ve been dying to get rid of for years. Repaint old wardrobes, chairs, and coffee tables. Get some vinyl flooring to brighten up or bring that wow-factor to your kitchen space. Freshen up without spending a fortune. 

Get crafty 

Recently a lot of people have been taking the time to do a lot more DIY and so why not jump on board. You can make your own hanging shelves, grab some old jars, jugs or bottles and fill them with fairy lights, candles or fresh flowers. Do one better and spruce up that ladder that’s been stuck in the garage. to make into a rustic shelf to showcase your handmade trinkets. Pressed flower coasters, frames and macramé wall hangings are all on trend lately too, and really serve to transform a living space. 

Make a statement 

Adding bursts of colour with your bathroom towels, cushions, blankets or rugs can not only make you feel like you’ve decorated the entire room, but also like a budding interior designer.

Rearrange your room 

It’s crazy how different furniture can look at a different angle! Have a move around yourself and see what difference it makes.

For more inspiration, why don’t you pop along to our gorgeous showrooms that we’ve teased in this post – not that we’re biased (much).

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