How is a newly built home better for the winter season?

Winter can feel long and cold, and having a home where you feel cosy and can hunker down makes all the difference to your mood. New build, energy-efficient homes are designed to help you weather the seasons in comfort, and without breaking the bank.

Here are a few reasons why…

Better insulation

Energy saving insulation is one of the key benefits of a new build home  and is fitted to all of our Peter Ward homes as standard. It means that the warmth accumulated in the bricks through the summer months doesn’t escape so quickly, and that the effect of your central heating stays in the room for longer. Modern materials, internal insulated walls, and new, well-fitted windows all work together to keep your home not only draft free, but quieter too. It makes the winter more comfortable obviously, but it also cools the summer months by helping to keep your home a more constant temperature.

‘Airtight’ windows and doors

When the cost of energy is so expensive you don’t want that hard earned heat to escape through creaky doors and windows. Old sash windows and single pane glass might have “character”, but modern, new build double and triple glazing will keep you feeling cosy whatever the weather. It is estimated that about 18% of heat loss occurs through windows, so modern windows like the ones in our homes will make a big difference to your monthly bills too. Also, they are more secure, with modern locks and clever draft vents where needed.

Brand new boilers

So, there’s the immediate benefit that you get with a brand-new boiler, which is peace of mind. You know that it’s very unlikely to break, but if it does there’s a warranty which means you won’t be saddled with an enormous repair bill. Alongside that though is the money and energy efficiency that comes with the way modern boilers work. Heating and hot water accounts for over half of what you spend in a year on energy bills, according to the Energy Saving Trust, so a new, efficient condensing boiler will ensure that all of the energy is used in your home, rather than being wasted out of the flue.

Energy saving lights

During those dark mornings and evenings, it is tempting to turn on the lights for as long as possible. Clever lighting design and energy efficient LEDs allow you to do what works for you without wasting money. Again, it’s about zoning – being able to light one area of a room fully, for example above the cooker, or over the table while you eat or work, while going for a lower level of light in another keeps things ambient.


With the long dark nights and drenching winter downpours it is easy to hide away sometimes, but this is not necessarily very good for us if we do it too much. Our Peter Ward neighbourhoods are designed to foster a sense of community, where homes are built around central meeting points, with communal outside spaces and walking routes. Windows, driveways, and front gardens combine with thoughtfully situated paths help people feel involved and stave off any isolation. Good public transport links mean that people can travel easily and safely, and get out and about when needed.

New build communities also work because everyone has moved in at a similar time, so people are often keen to establish links with other locals and get to know their neighbours.

To find out more about the benefits of living in a new build energy efficient home, book a viewing now.