How to create the perfect teen bedroom

If you live with a teenager then you will know that they need their own space – a room that they can work in, chill in, and hang out with their friends in too. Encompassing all of these things in one bedroom takes some careful planning, so here is our guide to teenager bedroom ideas, to help you achieve it all in your new home.

The Bed

Some teenagers will be more or less fully grown, so if you have the space for a double bed then now is a great time to invest. Choose a bed with storage underneath so they have somewhere to hide their clutter, and pick some fun bedding to suit their taste. A headboard is a great way to add some style too – you could go classic wood, rattan, or even plush velvet if your teen wants a more mature feel in their room.

The Lighting

Teen bedroom interior design gives you lots of scope for fun lighting. Fairy lights are an affordable option and can be wrapped around doorways or headboards to turn even the messiest room into somewhere quite magical. Neon also adds some perfect teenage drama and anything from rainbows to palm trees can be found online and in high street interior shops at the moment. If you have a pendant light then an origami shade adds a clean modern touch.

A Place to Work

It is so important to give your teenager a quiet space to get their homework done in peace, and a bedroom desk is the perfect answer. Folding desks are great if you are a bit short on space as they can be put away at the end of each day. Be sure to invest in a comfy chair, and ensure there is plenty of light at the desk to avoid your teen straining their eyes at the screen.

A Place to Chill

A sofa or comfy chair in a bedroom would be lovely, but most teenagers take to their bed when they want to chill out. Incorporating some big cushions and a throw can help to make the space feel extra cosy and comfortable, and a bedside table will keep books, phone chargers and any other essentials close by. Rather than creating a chill out zone, give your teenager the option to make their whole room feel relaxing when needed, with a calm colour scheme, some secondary mood lighting and even a scent diffuser to keep the air smelling sweet at all times!

Good Storage

Successful storage is key to teen bedroom interior design. A decent sized wardrobe, a chest of drawers and those drawers under the bed will go some way to housing all of their belongings, and perhaps within those spaces you could use smaller dividers to help them stay really organised. Separating cables from schoolbooks, or their t-shirts can save precious seconds when they are getting ready to go out.

Artwork & Accessories

This will probably be most teenager’s favourite part of designing their bedroom, and it may be hard for any adult to get a look in when it comes to advice. But if you do get a steer then help your teen to choose items that might be flexible enough to weather time and some changes in style. Large picture frames with simple black edging look great for posters, and while the images can be changeable, the frames should last if you go for classic shapes. Wall mounted shelving units will also give your youngster a place to display whatever their favourite things happen to be at that moment, without them sticking things on the walls.

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