Local Housebuilder Comes To The Rescue – With a Shed!

When Peter Ward Homes were asked to help Skirlaugh CE Primary School contribute to the purchase of a storage shed they decided that rather than make a contribution they would pay for the shed outright.

“The school has always had equipment storage problems especially for the items we use outside for sports and other activities. We discussed getting a shed to protect the equipment and also to keep it secure” commented Mrs Forth the Head Teacher. “The Friends of the School said they would help, approaching companies with an interest in Skirlaugh and the school. We were very pleasantly surprised when Peter Ward Homes contacted us to ask how much the shed would cost and then confirmed they would pay for it!”

The company have a site in Skirlaugh, Crown Park and a number of families who have moved there have their children at the school. “We try where we can to help the local communities where we build our homes” said Sarah Shepherd from Peter Ward Homes, “We obviously have to pay any local levies and contributions that accompany our planning permission for any of our sites, but we also like to go that extra bit further. This was an ideal opportunity for us to come to the rescue”

Not only did the company provide the shed they also asked if children at the school could celebrate its arrival by designing “Thank You” lettering which they then had made into a large sign which was fixed to one wall. “Not only have Peter Ward Homes bought us the shed they have joined in with the school’s curriculum. The children who designed the letters that made up the sign were so happy to see their work on display for all to see. It’s a wonderful way for us all to show what can be achieved in a local community partnership and through working with businesses in the area.”

The shed certainly stands out with its sign which adds colour to the playground area and brightens up what is a very nice but basic shed. “We were very pleased we could help the school and the shed not only gives the school the secure storage it needed, but it looks good as well” added Sarah.