Look After Your Garden This Winter

During the first lockdown last summer, many of us managed to get out in the garden to occupy our time while normal life was paused. Even the less accomplished among us got out there and tried our hand at gardening – it was the perfect excuse to catch some rays and keep us busy.  

Fast forward to lockdown 3.0 – we’ve got the post-christmas blues, the january blues AND lockdown blues. It’s tough for even the strongest minds, but there are still things that we can do to keep ourselves sane and look after that all-important mental health. 

Getting some crisp fresh air is good for you, so whether you’ve been blowing the cobwebs away by walking on the beach, exercising more regularly or getting your walking boots on and going for a full-on hike, it’s important to put yourself first. Even if you’ve had some days where you’ve not felt like doing anything at all, then that’s okay too. 

Gardening is quite the therapeutic pastime and so if you hope to return to a glorious garden again this summer, then you can start preparing your garden in winter. Give some love to your garden with these top tips:

  1. Protect your plants 

Pot up more vulnerable plants and take them indoors. You can store them in a shed, conservatory or wrap them in bubble wrap to help protect their roots from frost. 

  1. Pick strong plants that will survive 

For an all-season garden, avoid filling your flower beds with flowers like tulips or daffodils which only flower in spring. Heather and pansies do well all year round. Edible plants like cabbage, watercress and beetroot thrive in winter months too.

  1. Look after the soil 

You could get handy and do some garden DIY by adding some raised flower and plant beds to your garden. This gives you more control over your soil when it’s cold. Mulch is good to help insulate your plants by keeping the soil warm and moist. 

  1. Clear up the fallen leaves 

Popping any garden debris in a composter not only keeps your garden clean and accessible, but it also gives you plenty of leftovers to use on the soil when spring arrives.  

  1. Look out for the wildlife 

There’s nothing more beneficial for a garden than an ecosystem of insects, birds and other wildlife. Give them a helping hand during the colder months and leave out feeders. Other animals might use bird baths as a water supply too.

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