Our 360 Virtual Tours have landed!

On March 23rd, the country locked down – something none of us ever anticipated (though, we agree it was needed!). Overnight, families were told to stay in their homes for weeks and weeks (more than 18 weeks to be precise!). Children had to learn to get on and use their imaginations to make their own fun, and many parents were given the opportunity to spend (ahem) quality time with their children thanks to furlough.

If you’re like us, the lockdown also led to many people realising that their homes are too small for their growing families. It’s almost as if our homes became smaller overnight, the minute we found out we weren’t allowed to leave…  

As a result of the Government lockdown, we decided we needed to think of a way to help families search for their dream homes. With restrictions in place, we wanted to give our homebuyers  a safer house viewing experience. Thanks to modern technology (and some clever marketing folk) we have been able to bring the viewing to you. We’ve created a whole host of virtual tours, bringing our plots to life digitally and making viewings easier than ever before.

Obviously, it will never give you the warm, fuzzy feeling you get when you walk into one of our showhomes and realise it’s your dream home… but we think you’ll be impressed by our digital alternative. 

The 360s use spatial data and visual imagery to create a dimensionally accurate 3D digital twin of our homes. You can explore the 3D home by clicking around. If you have a VR headset, simply slip your smartphone in and start exploring the house on foot. 

We’re in the process of building up a bank of tours, but so far, we have 14 of our house styles available to explore. These tours cover some of our designs at every one of our current developments, including our latest, Deira Park Beverley. 

Want to take a tour? Check them out here