Our top five interior design blogs

Want to make the most of your home this summer? Well, look no further for inspiration. We’ve compiled a list of our favourite interior design blogs to help you on your way to creating your perfect living space.

And don’t forget a new home is a blank canvas, so why not take a look at these websites after you’ve decided which of our beautiful houses suits you the best!

Hannah in The House

This blog has been running since 2010 and was created as a personal outlet for Hannah, a decorative arts graduate. Its success has seen it become a full time concern sharing design, inspiration, craft tips and more.

Bright Bazaar

If it’s good enough for Elle Decor and The Huffington Post it’s good enough for us!

Created in 2009 it shares the ideas of freelance author, Will. Last year he released his first design book, Bright Bazaar: Embracing Colour For Make-You-Smile Style.

Pippa Jameson Interiors

You may have come across Pippa Jameson on one of her many TV shows, such as ITV1’s Bad Builders Bang To Rights.

The blog has won a host of awards and showcases industry knowledge, leading trends, advice on how to introduce current looks within your home and tips on the best high-street buys.

The Ordinary Lovely

This blog only cropped up a couple of years ago but has gathered a strong following in a short time.

The aim of the blog is to show readers how to achieve functional (with the emphasis on FUN) spaces and to accept the messiness that comes with having young children.

Sarah Akwisombe Blog

An art deco lovers dream. The blog has built a reputation for statement pieces and not holding back in its approach.

It’s won awards, built a cult following and assisted some of the world’s most renowned interior stylists.

So have a look at these amazing, talented interior designers and whilst you are at it have a look at