Plan a Valentine’s Day date night at home

Valentine’s Day doesn’t always mean blowing the budget on expensive dinners and gifts – sometimes the loveliest evenings are spent in the comfort of your own house with the person you care most about.

If you’re wondering how to create a romantic Valentine’s Day date night at home with the perfect atmosphere and ambiance, then read on for helpful inspiration and ideas.

Setting the mood

Sometimes a bit of effort and imagination can be the greatest gift of all because it shows just how much you care. So, before your partner returns home on Valentine’s Day, set the mood for your date by having a good tidy. Clearing clutter and mess away will instantly make things calmer, and create a nice, clean backdrop for your date night décor. If you have children, then tidy away their toys as much as possible. After all, stepping on a Duplo brick is no good for anyone’s romantic mood!

Lighting is very important for a romantic ambiance, so turn the main lights off, or put them on a low dimmer, and top up the mood lighting with table lamps or fairy lights. Burning a sweet-smelling candle or some incense sticks will also help to create a calm and cosy mood.

If your partner loves flowers, then choose a bunch that feels personal and display them in their favourite vase. Spring flowers are beautiful, and if you buy them with the bulbs still attached then they will last for much longer. White Narcissus are gorgeous and will fill your home with a soothing scent, while pastel-coloured tulips look fresh and work well if you want to incorporate a little colour.

Music is of course, a very personal matter. You and your partner may share some favourite songs or albums, or you could root out some old playlists from memorable holidays or special events. Keep the music to a comfortable, low level so you can talk to each other easily during dinner. You can always turn it up for a little dance once the food has been finished and cleared away!

The Menu

Favourite foods are a really personal choice, and everyone has their go-to dishes that they serve regularly at home. But, as it’s Valentine’s Day, you could think about trying something a little different.

Maybe you can think of a theme that means something to you both – for example it might be Spanish tapas to remind you of the food you ate on your honeymoon. Or, perhaps it’s homemade pizza because you are planning to travel to Italy together soon. Whatever you choose, make sure you embrace the theme fully with a starter, main course, and desert, as well as co-ordinating drinks too.

If, however, you are a firm believer in taking it easy on these special occasions, then you could always order a takeaway as a special treat. After all, with no prep and hardly any washing up afterwards, it will take a lot of the stress out of the night. Similarly, many supermarkets have dining-in offers on ready meals, and they are usually quite delicious when it comes to Valentine’s Day.

Special touches

Once the ambiance and menu are sorted, think about a few extra details that will show your partner just how much you really care and value them.

Perhaps you could print out and frame those engagement photos that you have been talking about for ages. Or, maybe you could take a special keepsake like the menu from a great meal you’ve shared, or the boarding pass from your first adventure together, and put that in a picture frame too. Alternatively, if you are feeling creative, you could write a poem to leave on their napkin or scatter the table with their favourite colour petals. After all, doing something thoughtful and personal can add a really special touch to the evening.

Whatever your ideas are for the evening, we hope you have a fantastic Valentine’s Day date night at home this year.