Spring cleaning hacks for a clutter-free home 

It’s spring-cleaning time, and while some people might dread the thought of it, there will be plenty of you who are secretly excited. Cleaning has become something of a phenomenon recently, with scores of social media accounts detailing deep clean hacks and sublimely satisfying room makeovers. 

Read on for our top ten spring cleaning hacks for your new home. 

1. Dishwasher

We ask a lot of our dishwashers, so giving them a deep clean every month or so is an important task. It will keep your kitchenware sparkly clean and help to prolong your dishwasher’s lifespan. Start by taking out the rack and the filters and giving them a good scrub. Clean out any dirt from inside the unit itself, and then pop a bowl of white vinegar on the top shelf and put it on the hottest wash. The vinegar cuts through all the grease and your dishwasher will look like new. 

2. Washing machine 

The same goes with your washing machine. Take out the soap tray and clean off any soap scum or mould that will have inevitably built up. Then have a look for the filter and drain and clean that. The rubber rim around the seal of the washer is often the main hiding place for dirt and grime, so turn your washing machine off at the wall and give it a good wipe down. An old toothbrush is the best way to get into some of the tighter spots. 

3. Curtains 

After months of winter, curtains can become dust magnets, so giving them a wash or dry clean can help to make your home feel and smell much fresher. While they are down it will give you a great opportunity to get to grips with your windows too… 

4. Windows 

Start with the inside of your windows first. A clean cloth and some glass cleaner will do the trick, helping you to remove any winter dirt and dust. Don’t forget the frames and take the spring weather as an opportunity to open up your windows for a while and exchange some air. Of course, the outside will need to be cleaned too. You could invest in a squeegee and get involved yourself or seek out a local window cleaner. 

5. Shiny things 

Taps, shower heads, shower screens – all the things that could be shiny but are often coated in a layer or two of limescale over time. There are various magic sprays and potions that can do a great job, but the very best thing might be a simple lemon. Cut up a lemon, wipe it around the area you want to clean, let it sit for a minute or two, and then wipe clean with a sponge. It’s like magic. 

6. Rugs 

Rugs can take a battering, especially if you have pets, but sometimes the vacuum cleaner just isn’t enough. Give your rugs an air outside and let the wind do some of the hard work for you. If they are washable, it’s a great time to drop them down to the local launderette or dry cleaners too. 

7. Cupboards 

Check your use by dates, wipe down the surfaces and organise your shelves into groups of foods that work together. Sort your storage too – check lunch boxes have lids and bottles have tops. It will save you minutes of frantic searching in the morning

8. Outside 

Spring cleaning isn’t just about inside your home. Head out and sweep away any sludgy old leaves that may be blocking drain covers or gathering in corners. If you have a garden, give it a rake or a sweep and check on any garden furniture – fingers crossed it will soon be time to use it again. 

9. Fragrance 

So, this is not strictly about cleaning, but using some home fragrance will definitely help to give a feeling of freshness. You could try scented candles or room diffusers, or simple hanging air fresheners in the shoe cupboard or entrance way. 

10. The oven 

Cleaning the oven is a fairly horrible task but an oven liner on the bottom can help keep it under control. They are cheaply available and catch any drips that can burn over time. Plus, they are much easier to wipe down. 

If this talk of spring cleaning has tickled your nesting instincts why not take a look at our beautiful new homes and book a viewing to come and visit us soon.