Top 10 spring-cleaning tips

The nights are getting lighter, the air is getting warmer and the trees are getting greener. All of which can only mean one thing; spring has sprung!

And with it comes the annual spring clean. At Peter Ward Homes we know the value of a clean and tidy house. So here are the top 10 tips from our team:

  1. Organise your wardrobes

Creating space in your wardrobe is a must. You’ll discover a host of clothes you’d forgotten about and no longer wear. Donate them to charity or put them in to storage to create extra space for your summer wardrobe (fingers crossed for some warm weather!)

  1. Cleaning up stubborn stains on paint

If you’re struggling to shift tough stains on paintwork around your house try putting a couple of drops of washing up liquid directly on to the stain and cleaning with a wet sponge.

  1. Change the mood of your rooms

Changing the fabrics in a room can change the mood dramatically. It’s also a cheaper alternative to wholesale changes. Change curtains, cushions, table linens, towels and other items for instant impact.

  1. Get tiles gleaming

Bathroom and kitchen tiles can start to lose their shine. Reinvigorate them with a good scrub – mix half a cup of baking soda to two gallons of water.

  1. Rearrange your bookshelf

Stack some books horizontally and some vertically. Order them alphabetically and segment them by genre. This will make them easier to find and break the monotony of seeing them in rows.

  1. Clean your front door mat

Shake it, wash it, beat it with a broom. This will help your house appear more welcoming and also stop dirt at the door.

  1. Don’t forget the ceiling

Clean light fixtures, fans and air conditioning units from dust and grime. It’s easy to forget the ceiling but a good top-to-toe scrub will give your house an excellent shine.

  1. Dissolving furniture dents

If you’ve moved heavy furniture recently and it’s left a mark in the carpet the solution is easy. Put ice on the effected area, wait for it to melt and then run the vacuum over it.

  1. Clean the slots in your knife block

Often over looked, the knife block is full of crumbs and food morsels. Blast it with a hair dryer to blow everything out and suck it all up with a vacuum.

  1. Clean the dishwasher

Another one you might forget to clean. Every so often the dishwasher needs a de-gunk too. Fill a large measuring jug with two cups of vinegar, put it on the top rack and run a normal cycle. Job done!