When is the best time to sell and look for a new home?

With Spring upon us, did you know it’s the best time of the year to put your existing home on the market and start looking for your new home?

The May Bank Holidays bring additional free time for most people before the traditional summer holiday season starts. The weather is generally better too, helping to make your house look it’s best. So what should you do to prepare your house for viewing? At Peter Ward Homes we know a thing or two about presenting our homes, so to help you we have identified the main issues and come up with ten ‘must do’ tips.

Preparation is key because as ever, first impressions count. The first visit is when prospective purchasers get their opportunity to see your home in some detail. Ensure lawns and gardens are neat and tidy by cutting the grass and trimming hedges. Clear paths of dirt and weeds and make sure your front door is clean or even re-painted. Have a tidy up inside your home too. De clutter where possible and have a good deep clean, especially bathrooms and cloakrooms. Ensure you complete any outstanding DIY projects, as you don’t want to encourage lower offers. Remember, buyers will always try to imagine themselves living in your property, if it’s not up to scratch that could affect their purchase decision or price they want to pay.

You might want to think about leaving some items behind in your home when you move, but you should look at charging for them rather than including them in the selling price of the house. Fixtures and fittings can always be used as part of a deal during negotiations on price.

10 Tips For A Successful Viewing…

  • Open windows to air your house, do not use air fresheners.
  • Place fresh flowers in all the main rooms. Their visuality and natural aroma puts people at ease.
  • Leave internal doors open giving an impression of space and keep furniture positioned at the edges of the room.
  • Put together information on the running costs of your home.
  • Put together a folder giving information about your local area.
  • Remember, you know your home better than anyone so show it off!
  • Offer prospective buyers a cup of tea or coffee as an icebreaker.
  • Start the viewing upstairs, downstairs rooms are generally larger and more appealing.
  • End the viewing in the kitchen or lounge as they are normally the most attractive rooms.
  • Do not offer any detailed information on your property without being asked a question, but then always answer truthfully.