Your Moving Home Checklist

Moving home is a very exciting experience. You get to kit out your surroundings however you wish, meet your neighbours, enjoy a fresh environment and start a new chapter of life.

However, there are also a few factors that need taking into account to ensure that everything runs smoothly. We’ve popped together the following checklist so that your move is straightforward and stress-free.

Inform your banks

Any banks and building societies that you have accounts with need to be told about the move right away. Aside from ensuring that they have the correct details, it also stops your bank statements and other correspondence from being sent to your old address.

Most banks and organisations allow you to change your address online, which is a real time-saver; alternatively, you could give them a call or visit your local branch.

Take out or amend your insurance

Relevant insurance is a must-have, as you never know when an unexpected situation might arise. Whilst buildings insurance is usually obligatory when buying a property, it’s also worth looking into other varieties that cover things such as contents, pets, vehicles, and so on.

Whichever insurance you go for, you can schedule it to start on the day that you move into your new home. If you already have insurance, simply let your provider know about your new address and you’re good to go.

Update your driving license

Everything to do with your car needs updating too, including your driving license, ownership certificate and insurance. This means that any vehicles you own are registered to your new address, plus your ID will be valid when you move.

You can change the address that your driving license is registered to on the GOV.UK website. Failure to do so could land you with a fine of £1,000 from the DVLA, so the sooner the better!

Get your mail redirected

As well as your banks, you also need to change your address with any other people, companies and organisations that get in touch with you. This can include anything from friends and family, to your TV license, Amazon and subscription boxes.

The thing is, even if you think you’ve updated your address with everyone, chances are there will be someone you’ve missed, that’s why a mail redirect guarantees that nothing will arrive at your old address. This can be set up for as long as you want, although usually six to twelve months will do the trick and the small charge is well worth the peace of mind. Visit the Royal Mail website to find out more.

Send your final meter readings

Before you leave your old home, take the final readings for gas, electricity and water and send them to your suppliers. The last thing you want is to move into your lovely new home, only to receive a bill for utilities used by someone else in your old gaff.

Whilst you’re at it, it might also be worth looking into other utility providers to make sure you’re getting the best deal. If you’re interested in moving to a green energy provider, we suggest seeing what Bulb or Good Energy have to offer.

Update the electoral register

Despite how important it is to be on the electoral register, it’s something that many people forget to change when they move home. Not only does it enable you to vote in local and national elections, it can also help to improve your credit rating. Again, it’s very quick and easy to change this via the GOV.UK website.

Tell the milkman

If you get milk delivered to your doorstep, they need to know. If you get your windows cleaned regularly, they need to know too. If you have anyone else who visits your property to deliver goods or services… well, you get the idea.

Have a think about smaller things

From eating all of the food in your freezer before you leave, to booking a babysitter for moving day, there will probably be a few other bits and bobs that you’ll benefit from sorting out beforehand. By being as organised as possible, you’ll make the big move an easy, efficient and enjoyable process.

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